Vanya Gojelova with first solo exhibition in "Aspect"

25/09/2018 10:54
On September 26 at Aspect Gallery, her first solo exhibition in Plovdiv opens young artist Vanya Gojelova.

Against the background of the ever-decreasing array of valuable young artists in the field of fine arts, its presence is like a breath of fresh air. A graduate of AMTII and an enthusiastic teacher, Vania has insistently and firmly defended her position in the guild over the past few years.

In 2015, she received her second prize from the Young Artist Contest organized by Aspect Gallery, but her first serious breakthrough was her invitation and participation in last year's autumn exhibitions in the Old Town.

Today, with a lot of experience and self-esteem, the artist is ready to face the demanding Plovdiv audience with twenty canvases thought and created especially for the space of the gallery.

The exhibition will be available to the citizens of Plovdiv until 16 October.