Gancho Karabadjakov

Born on the 19th of October 1951 in the city of Yambol. In 1972 Gancho graduated from the High School of Fine Arts in Kaznalak and in 1979 – the Academy of Fine arts “Nikolai Pavlovich” with professor Hristo Neikov as his tutor. He specialized in  “illustration and artistic layout of books”. He lives and works in Arbanasi, close to Veliko Tarnovo. In 1981 his paintings were exhibited in every regional and national exhibition. He works in monumental arts and has been represented in more than 50 solo exhibitions throughout the country and abroad.

Gancho Karabadjakov’s paintings are rich in figures and what is characteristic of his style is the elegant grotesque which he uses to create erotic and pastoral narratives, typical for the region of the Balkans. He also creates gorgeous biblical and historical scenes.

  • "Flirting", 41х33, acrylic on canvas
    "Flirting", 41х33, acrylic on canvas