Vihra Grigorova

Vihra Grigorova was born on October 7, 1953 in Plovdiv.
She graduated from the National Academy of Arts, majoring
in mural painting in 1976 in the class of Prof. Mito Ganovski.
She lives and works in Plovdiv. Participates in all exhibitions of the Society of Plovdiv Artists,
participates in a number of plein airs in the country - Plovdiv,
Sliven, Radnevo, Tsarevo, Bratsigovo, Velingrad, Sitovo, Strelcha,
Smolyan and others. Also participates in international plein airs
in Russia, Hungary and Macedonia.
In 2009 she won the competition for a curatorial project for the
National Autumn Exhibitions in the Old Town and realized the project
"The world inside - the world outside", nominated for the
Plovdiv Award in 2010.
  • "Мorning over Corfu", 46х55, acrylic on canvas
    "Мorning over Corfu", 46х55, acrylic on canvas