Jivko Sedlarski

Zhivko Sedlarski was born in 1958 in the town of Elhovo. 
In 1977 he graduated from the Technical School of Ceramics and Glass
in Sofia, and in 1989 - the National Academy of Arts.
He specialized in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany. Zhivko Sedlarski has lived with his family in France since 1991.
Works in the field of monumental and small sculpture.
His works are in the possession of museums, galleries and private
collections in Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland,
USA, Lebanon, China and other countries around the
  •   "Sparkling dress", 12x3x3, bronze/enamel
    "Sparkling dress", 12x3x3, bronze/enamel
  •   "Virgo", 21x10x7, resin
    "Virgo", 21x10x7, resin
  •   "Breath", 17x7x3, bronze
    "Breath", 17x7x3, bronze
  •   "Rainbow in dark", 25х12х10, bronze
    "Rainbow in dark", 25х12х10, bronze