Nikola Pevicharov Pevicharov

Nikola Pevicharov was born on August 15, 1960 in Plovdiv. He graduated in "Layout and Design" from the State Institute of Arts
in the city of Tyumen, Russia, in Vershinin's class Gennady Vasilievich. He is a member of the "Design" section at the SBH
and the International Association for Plastic Arts. His works are owned by some of the biggest collectors in Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, USA. Winner of the Grand Prize of the Painting Quadrennial in Stara Zagora in 2012 and the First Prize of the Biennale of Painting in Montana
in 2016, and also an Honorary Award from the Mayor of Plovdiv for 2019.
Nikola Pevicharov has held dozens of solo and collective exhibitions - painting and drawing. 
His art is recognizable and appreciated by the public and specialists.