Hikmet Chetinkaya and Shukran Istanbullu

01 June 2022 - 21 June 2022
The current exhibition includes paintings created by the authors over the past year specifically for their appearance at Aspect. The small and medium formats prevail, with their characteristic compositions and themes. Hikmet Chetinkaya remains true to his poppies, but his techniques are so diverse that each picture is different and memorable. Using the possibilities of oil painting, Hikmet Chetinkaya creates both landscapes and purely decorative canvases, affecting primarily as a mood.
Shukran Istanbul's paintings are quite different - presented with a fine naivete, they carry coded information and conveys messages.Shukran's paintings are full of symbolism, they recreate her thoughts and ideas and make wishes to the viewer. Composed by the artist as colorful mosaics, her works refer to traditional Turkish ceramics.