Nikolay Nyagolov, "Sea dialogues", 23 November - 14 December

23 November 2022 - 14 December 2022
On 23rd of November  Aspect Art Gallery will welcome the third 
solo exhibition of Nikolay Nyagolov.
Working in the field of painting,
drawings and the unconventional forms in fine art, in the artist's works
skilfully combines rich and bright colors with strong and
categorical technique, abstract composition with elements of concreteness.
His paintings are alive, they carry depth of expression and precision
in the press forming of the part.
In the present exhibition, Nikolay Nyagolov will present about twenty 
paintings, most of them were painted especially for his appearance
in Aspect and are united around the theme of sea, summer, sea voyages and adventures.The artist has chosen as the motto of the exhibition "Sea dialogues" -
a collection of his sensations and perceptions,provoked by
his experiences by the sea, by the influence it has on him as a creator.
"The idea for this exhibition came from my travels over the last year," 
says the artist. "After the long pandemic shutdown and difficult or
even impossible travel time, at least for me it was, one opens one's senses even more and sees things in a different and deeper way. I was struck again by the feeling of how different the light
is in different places in the world, in how different ways it is playing with the water and how different its reflections are.
How different is the horizon and how rich is the color of the different ones seas and oceans. So the title came from the conversations
I had with myself with these new sensations the world gave me.
And since it always happened by a sea or ocean expanse, 
the dialogue was between me and her.I hope that the viewer will also feel
and conduct this dialogue..." - Nikolay Nyagolov concludes his story.

The exhibition opens on November 23rd, Wednesday, and will run until December 14th.