Kalina Atanasova, "My world", 1-21.03.2023

01 March 2023 - 21 March 2023

Kalina Atanasova unites the paintings in the current exhibition under the motto "My World",
a reference to the themes and plots characteristic of her work, and they are permanently
directed in one direction - her beloved Plovdiv with its Old Town, the Main Street, the Kapana district.

On her canvas, she tells stories about Plovdiv with a smile, but also with a little nostalgia,
with lots of color and delicate grotesque. The exhibition also includes several landscapes from the Rhodopes,
another favorite subject of hers - dramatic, emotional, colorful and always harmonious.
The world of Kalina Atanasova is bright and diverse, houses and characters from bygone times live in it,
when life moved with a different rhythm, people had enough time and communication was somehow more genuine.
And all this is transferred to the canvas with fine drawing and elegant coloring, with a deep sense of detail and painterly mastery.