Upcoming exhibition: Watercolor and drawing

30 August 2023 - 19 September 2023
Organizer: Aspect gallery
Place: Plovdiv

The first exhibition for the autumn-winter season at the Aspect gallery is a collective one, featuring ten prominent artists of the gallery,
who present their watercolors and drawings.

Watercolor and drawing are often underestimated in contrast to painting and many of the authors, although they create valuable works
with these techniques, relatively rarely include them in exhibitions. The idea of ​​the current exhibition is to show the works of prominent
masters of these genres as well as artists who rarely reach for them.

In the first group of artists there is undoubtedly Dimitar Vodenicharov, known as a wonderful watercolorist, Vlado Chukich - as a scheduler
and master of fine drawing, Stanimir Videv who regularly experiments with drawings and collages. The same applies to Tsveta Valova and
Lidiya Simeonova who often includes acrylic drawings in her expositions.

At the same time, Valeri Tsenov, Mihaela Ivanova, Valentin Asenov, Chavdar Valov and Tsvetan Lazarov are artists who perform exclusively
in the field of painting, and the display of their watercolor works will certainly arouse interest.

Each participant is presented with several works, mostly small and medium format, and the juxtaposition of ten authors so different
in style and expression is sure to arouse the interest of the Plovdiv audience.