Upcoming event

Angel Geshev, "In me...", 1-21 November 2023

01/11/2023 16:00

On November 1st, in the Aspect gallery we are opening for the first time a solo exhibition of the famous Plovdiv artist Angel Geshev.
Under the motto "In me...", the exhibition presents around thirty new works that the people of Plovdiv will see for the first time.
Diverse in format, the paintings are made with a mixed technique – painting, graphics, collages, with some being canvas,
others on phaser or laminated cardboard, and the wealth of techniques, compositions and colors is a definite proof of mastery and creative power.

The current exhibition of Angel Geshev is very personal as a thought and experience: "The things that are in me and that
come from me - that's what I tried to suggest. The searches, the struggle with the canvas, with the color; the thoughts
I'm trying to convey - it's all me, it's all in me and it's all from me, that's why I called my exhibition "In me...", a hint,
but also a summation of the creative process.”The exhibition includes paintings from the "Rock Paintings" cycle, the series of six large horizontal
format works "Sky Ships" impresses and stands out, which best characterizes the style of the entire collection, and with the support
of smaller canvases, reinforce the decisiveness and the power of works. Another highlight of the exhibition is the public display of
Angel Geshev's "books" for the first time. Using parts of old trees, more than two hundred years old, he forms "something like a book,
something like an icon", inside which canvases are embedded, laminated to the wood and painted in his typical mixed media.
The intrigue here is that by purchasing such a "book", the artist undertakes to add personal Glagolitic symbols for the client,
turning it into his personal wearable icon. 

The opening of the exhibition is on November 1, Wednesday, between 16.00 and 19.00 in the presence of the author and will be available
in the gallery until November 21.